Two-Song Place  : Age & Height (feat. Kang Minhyuk) 

"Recently, we’ve been able to do the music we want to do, and I’m able to do the jobs I don’t enjoy with a smile. I want to enjoy this freedom, but there’s no point in enjoying freedom without working hard."  -Hongki

Seunghyun’s photos V.S. Hongki’s photos

My friends from Japanese rock band One Ok Rock told me, ‘we didn’t know you started as Idols. We heard your music thinking you began as an indie band. Can’t you go down a new path since you can be both an idol and a band?’ That really hit me deeply in my heart. Our homework is to figure out a new way where we can shine both as an idol and artist. —Lee Hongki when asked about their current dream (x)
 Last messages from Survivors and Students trapped inside the ferry


Pray for South Korea